Am I Blog Slut?

Found this amusing while checking my stats. Somebody researched online for real blog slut and found my wordpress sexblog. This makes me thinking, definitely. Anyhow, it’s strange what search engines provide as results to people looking for researches. Escorts have been suffering from such changes and lost plenty of online business. Providers can’t even place advertising on Google’s results anymore and they are pushed aside by religious haters and tricky viral marketing bloggers. Let’s hope this insane censorship will halt and civil liberties find their way back to online research.
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Hooker or slut by dress code?

It’s getting difficult to tell sluts from hookers and prostitutes from room maid. Just ask Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Many Western hookers have opted for conservative style of dress code, numbers of nonhookers are confusing the panorama by screaming off into opposite direction. Signifiers and flourishes of street-hooker-style, cripplingly high stilettos, cleavage-revealing halter tops, butt-explosive revealing hot-pants, and pube-skimming bluejeans have been adopted by regular women to look like sluts and provoke shy guys. Streetwalker style has become a dominant fashion for an entire generation of nonprostitutes. (Genuine Housewives as portrait on soap operas on TV!). One imagines hookers of the world obesrving slut-style and sighing with exasperation. The entire world is dressing like a ho. What the hell are normal women supposed to wear?

Olympic Escort London

London mature courtesan Lucinda invites to her ‘horizontal’ version of 2012 Olympic Games

Sport officials love them: UK hookers and escorts. Officials from various sport organizations enjoy generous expense accounts. They need to relax and party after judging athletic events. It’s a pretty tough job screaming for stress relief with a London escort provider afterhours. Media and governments seem to develop hatered against prostitutes taking advantage of such events quoting concerns over violence and human trafficking. China banned love servants from soliciting for customers in upscale hotels during 2008 Beijing Olympics. Brazil is trying to shut down erotic websites ahead of 2014 soccer world cup and 2016 Olympic games by contacting webmasters and threatening them with lawsuits. For 2012 London Olympics it’s all a bit more difficult as prostitution is a legal business in a free developed country of England. It can’t just be swiped away.
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Biggest Boobs?

Where do lovers of women with big breasts find escort service? Supposedly you are looking for natural talent without enhancement and real, genuine DD cups or larger? According to the World map of cup sizes, Russian women provide the largest boobs in front of their chest. Russia is followed by Scandinavia, Germany, USA and Venezuela.

world map

World map of cup sizes by country (source at bottom of article)

Whatever the scientific basis of this map might be, it does not seem accurate. Let’s look at Europe for example. The cup map attests bigger breasts on German women over Polish nationals. That seems to be odd. Everybody who has ever been to Poland knows Warsaw girls and Krakow ladies have some of the biggest and most beautiful tits. Continue reading

Find Models Online

There is a growing number of respectful and affluent gentlemen out there who are not seeking company from ordinary mistresses out of massages or nightclubs, but seeking hot women that are beautiful, educated and classy. While its’ difficult to find a market place for finding such guys, modeling platforms like Model Mayhem, Flickr and own Facebook fan pages seems to be a way of attracting nice guys who want to shoot erotic images and have sensual fun with female escort at the same time.

They do adore models and find the idea intriguing to have a relationship with them. I started out following the advice of my friend from Miami Beach who told me her story about building up an online poryfolio for nude modeling. She was approached by many real photographer who were willing to shoot the first sets with her for free to improve their skills. After she had some revealing nudes inside her portfolio presentation, she received more and more request from gentlemen who ‘wanted more’ and offered generous compensation.

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Vacation Escorts and Sex Travel

Are you a gentlemen who travels, frequently? Do you want to sample escorts and exotic women from all over the World and receive reliable resources about adult night life, escort agencies, nightclubs, strip clubs and sensual massage parlours?

Female provider from a massage apartment for tourists who seek eros

Travel Sex Guide provides regional and city listings about some of the most exotic places in the World. All inclusive escort vacations with hot Latina women in Dominican Republic, Isla Margarita, Venezuela or in Odessa, Ukraine are listed as well as cathouses in Nevada, massage parlors and bars in Bangkok Thailand and upscale Russian fashion models in Paris and Milano. This guide is online since 1998 an listed in many credible online directories like Google and Yahoo for being one of the leading source on exotic escorts. Hope you will be able to find your best resourse for your next erotic travel experience.
Travel Guide also includes escort toplists that are ranking agencies and independents according to their popularity.

French Escort

Amanda is an French escort from Cannes, originally. If you came here to search for Paris companions or Cannes girls, I recommend Escort France to be visited. This small website lists interesting resources related to French escort girls and upscale Russian fashion models visiting the French capital for sensual encounters in their free time between photo shoots, rehearsals and catwalk fashion exhibitions.

Escort France

Athens fashion

Greek women promoting herself as Athens fashion escort with black garter and thong.

One can say Paris is similar to Milano in this regard and maybe even London, another fashion escort model capital in Europe. However, the fastest growing metropolis for fashion model dates are currently developing in Athens, Greece and Germany’s main city Berlin. Chinese designers want to use Athens and Thessaloniki as hubs for cheap and affordable fashion shows towards European customers. Great news for lovers of classy women on high heels.

Amanda is back online!

Welcome to Can’t Resist Amanda. This site has been inactive for some time and was recently aqquired  by me, a hot new French escort who will be showcasing her assets together with exotic friends here soon. Stay tuned for more European upscale models on this site as I am coordinating news with my friends from Miami Beach, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina. We might even have a Chinese model friend from Hong Kong joining us soon.